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A working father’s letter to his son: An iPhone spy software that kept your total record

Not very often we get to read stories that we would be sharing today. It’s an archetype of how parenting needs to be done in this time and age.Sadly, parents are too busy to think about their kids’ better upbringing. But this one father, Christopher Nolan knew exactly how to do it, wittingly and discretely. Nolan has been staying in Brussels, while his family resides in Ohio.

This is the email that Nolan’s son sent to us.

Subject: Dad was always there with you, watching you

Hey big pal

I know that it’s been hard for you to be on your own, especially during your teenage. But now that you are almost an adult, it’s pertinent that you know that I have always been there, watching you.

I also know that you always wished that I was with you, but I knew that your mother has been taking good care of you, and this job that I am doing is what keeps everything going.But I am planning to be back soon

.Remember that iPhone 4sthat I gave you on your 12th birthday? I purchased it myself. Your mother told me how badly you wanted that smartphone, and how much you were excited about it. However, I was not very happy with handing you over a phone at such a tender age. But that iPhone was more than just a smartphone that allowed you to make calls, send emails, texts, or use social media apps. It was equipped with an iPhone spy software that kept your total record. I Know that it’s like dropping a bomb on you, but it was the best option that I had to keep a check on you—to know how you were doing. I had been reading all the notes that you kept, your text message conversations, check-ins, Instagram, Facebook etc.

I can’t tell you, how much happy I am to know that you are doing good, and very watchful of your digital life. Not a day passes by, when I don’t hear something tragic related to teens and internet. I am thankful to Jason (my oldest friend and colleague here in Brussels), that he told me to remotely monitor your cell phone activity with a software.

Now that you are not going to be a minor anymore, it’s duly your choice to keep this app on your smartphone. I will keep checking on you in some other way.

I love you, and your iPhone was the only gateway to your world, considering I wasn’t there with you. Daddy loves you a LOT. Write me back soon.

P.S: I know you are already going through your smartphone to find that app, but you won’t find it, as it’s hidden. You can reset your phone, or let me know, I will cancel the subscription.

Take care

Hugs and kisses

Well, we believe, Jason did a great job at being a long-distance parent. Not many kids would agree to this, but from a parent’s eye, an iPhone spy softwareis the best way to stay close to a child in this era of privacy-conscious folks.

What do you think about Jason’s letter? Should parents use monitoring apps on their kids’ electronic devices?Let us know what you think about it.

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