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smart home automation Designer Homes Perth

What is Smart Home Automation – Designer Homes Perth

In the luxury home market, there is an ever increasing pressure to use the latest technology to improve not only the standard of living, but to give home owners more time in the day. One technology that is evolving rapidly to allow this is the use of smart home automation.

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation and property management are phrases which mean different things to different people. When people think of smart home automation the first thing that may pop into their minds is the Jetsons. In fact, smart home automation provides the technological know-how for home owners to enhance their lifestyle through added comfort, convenience and security.

If smart home automation is implemented well it adds a new level of enjoyment in your home while saving you time and money. Virtually anything that powers up within your home can be controlled from a simple touch panel (or portable tablets/iPads). You can control interior and exterior lights, security systems, music, air conditioning – you name it, you can control it. The systems even have the capability to help manage energy, waste and water usage too.

Customers with smart home automation can press one button on a touch panel beside the bed and this will shut down the entire house at night. All the lights throughout the house will be dimmed/turned off, all the music and media playing will be turned off, even arming the security system happens with a push of a single button. This can work both ways – if you hear a strange noise outside another button lights up the house exterior. If you need to go to the bathroom during the night a third button gently lights your way to the toilet.

Smart Home Technology for Luxury Homes

Designer Homes Perth specialize in luxury home design, construction and refurbishments including the implementation of home automation. With over many years’ experience in designing and building homes for the most discerning clients, we have designed and installed a diverse range of smart home automation systems.

Our smart home automation solutions integrate all of the following systems, to allow you to control everything within your home, simply and intuitively.

  • House wide video and audio
  • Home theatre and lounge entertainment systems
  • Energy, air conditioning, water and waste management
  • Home security
  • House wide lighting control
  • Exterior pools and outdoor areas
  • Networking
  • Communications

For more information regarding luxury home design and smart home automation, please contact Kris Aird on 1300 558 818 or visit the Designer Homes Perth website.

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