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Upright Wearable – How To Improve Posture When Using Your iPad

Most of us, if not all of us are likely to have struggled with our undesirable posture or a slouching posture. And we have probably heard of numerous techniques to make us stay upright in our quest to keep a straight posture and healthy body. A good posture is not only good for our health, but also contributes significantly to the general appearance of a person. The newest and most advanced technique available now is the upright device which serves as a perfect trainer for that coveted upright posture.

What is upright device?

If you are wondering what this wonder device is, then you are also imagining this device as one of those uncomfortable cumbersome devices such as waist trainers. On the contrary, this device is anything but that. This review will have it all explained for your understanding.

The upright device is an auto-sensitive wearable device that is strategically attached to the lower back with replaceable adhesive and trains you to maintain the right posture. This device works on a mechanism that stimulates the device to a moderately irritable vibration every time your back slouches. This ensures that you maintain an upright posture most of, if not all the time, thus the name Upright device. The device is also small and comfortable enough to sit just squarely on the mid lower back of the wearer without necessarily protruding from inside the clothes.

Upright device features

This upright device comes with an inviting package of useful features that will entice any customer. The following are some of the features of this device:

Multiple sensors

These multiple sensors ensure that the slightest deviation from the right posture causes the device to warn you by vibrating immediately.

Vibration feedback

After sensing a deviation in your posture, the sensors respond by causing the device to vibrate, indicating that you should correct your posture.

Long battery life

Since this device is rechargeable, it comes with a long battery life of up to 10 days! This is a good feature since it gives you an ample time to wear your device without worrying that it may shut down unexpectedly.

USB docking station

The device also comes with a reliable USB docking station for multiple USB uses such as charging and monitoring your device on the computer.

Bluetooth and smart learning algorithm

This device is also fitted with a working Bluetooth wireless capability for instant sharing and connectivity. It is also backed with a personalized smart learning app you cn use on your Mobile or Ipad to monitor your posture training.

Why you should consider buying this device

With an affordable price of $129.95, the upright device comes with a 90-day warranty and free shipping within the United States.
This product is an instant relief from backache and any other related complications caused by a bad posture. Besides, after using this product, you will definitely live a stress free life and look good at the same time. Some of the satisfied customers had these to say:

‘It improved my posture and eased my back pain while standing, it made me feel better.’
‘The best part was when people around me noticed the difference in my posture.’

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