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Startup Reveals Exit Plan On Launch Day

Transparency Gone Too Far? Startup Reveals Exit Plan On Launch Day

You may or may not be aware of the trend towards transparency within startups…

Companies like Buffer reveal their team’s salaries and revenue figures for the world to see and Kilometer install webcams in their office for their customers/fans to watch.

However we think that one London Startup may have gone too far…

Virtual Valley is a new marketplace that connects entrepreneurs and virtual assistants that is about to launch.

They provide time tracking software, automatic invoicing and a payment escrow service to their Entrepreneurs in exchange for a 20% uplift on the salary of the Team Members.

Their goal is to allow Entrepreneurs to work on their business, not in their business. A school of thought popularised in the novel The E Myth by Michael Gerber.

To drum up excitement for the event, the team published this blog post on their company blog:

How To Sell A Business For Seven Figures

Which detailed their plans to build their company from zero to £33k monthly recurring revenue and then to make a seven figure exit.

Though this may build up a buzz around the company for the launch, you must ask the question:

What effect with this lucrative claim have on their customer acquisition?

Will an entrepreneur want to work with a companies whose team already have a pre-defined exit plan?

I guess only time will tell.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, have this startup gone TOO transparent?

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