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newsinn ipad app review

NewsInn – iPad App Review

NewsInn is an Artificial Intelligence Driven Algorithm that processes and conglomerates news from major news publications. It uses an opinion extraction algorithm to do a sentiment analysis on every news article.

Around 20 Major News Publications are used as source, scanned every half hour, and content is extracted from them. From this primary data, keywords are extracted, then every article gets a short summary automatically generated.

NewsInn reads the news for you and allows you to determine which full article you would like to read for further information. uses an opinion extraction algorithm that quantifies the positive or negative outlook of every news story. This algorithm was proven to predict stock market indices with an accuracy of up to 66.7%. The study was published in MacroThink’s Business and Economic Research Journal

The advantages of reading the news aided by NewsInn are: faster reading and “at one glance” information. There is not other news aggregator that conglomerates the articles based on the story they cover, let alone one that does it using AI and Natural Language Processing.

Suppose you have been on vacation for the last week, ot of technology’s reach. Comming back home, if you are like us, you will want to get up to speed. All you need to do is to go to Last Week and in 5 minutes you will know all the major events of last week.

NewsInn is available as a web-app online, as well as mobile applications, be it Android or iOS.

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