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Medical House or Wellness Heart: A Brand New Health Reform Paradigm Wants New Language

The purpose of this theory is the fact that health costs could be reduced with a central location in which the multifaceted health needs would be addressed by a multidisciplinary health care team for you personally as well as your loved ones. witch hazel for acne scars

The point in a “medical home” will be to address multifaceted problems that could become sickness till they occur. The word “medical” still indicates the existence of symptoms. If you did not have a medical condition, why can you visit a medical house?

To be able to improve the paradigm toward the planned concentrate on wellness, health promotion and disease prevention, an alteration in language is needed. This writer proposes the term “well-being heart” as a more suitable choice.

The word “wellness”, shifts the focus toward variables proven to boost well-being instead of symptoms of a medical condition. The word “hub” brings to mind the picture of a wheel with several spokes or facets leading to well-being that may be dealt with to enhance well-being. So, “well-being heart” describes a spot where the family or individual as the centre of focus is evaluated holistically toward preserving or enhancing well-being.

Your well-being heart will function as the place at which it is possible to learn abilities get screenings and evaluations that identify health problems early to enhance your quality of life, get referrals for proper treatment needed and have your care. The spokes of the wheel represent the many different facets or aspects that may need coordination for optimum well-being.

Some great benefits of on-going health assessment and coordinate attention at a “well-being heart” contain decreased health costs, reduced complications as a result of medical mistakes or fragmented attention and overall improved well-being. This executes the purpose of the medical home concept more effectively and economically as the language more precisely concentrates focus of the multidisciplinary team on the “wellness” of the individual and family that are in the “hub” of the device. witch hazel for cystic acne

What is significant is the wellness coordinator in the “well-being heart” is educationally qualified and equipped with all the instruments to measure the leading variables which are proven to enhance or restore wellness through the lifespan, has successful relationships together with the suppliers you will need, and a powerful system for following up and organizing your care.

Our present health care system doesn’t alter the paradigm. Utilizing the term “well-being heart” indicates a proactive way of preserving, enhancing, and organizing health care, which will be the known antidote to fast increasing health care costs and long-term illnesses in The United States today.

Continuing to give attention to treating symptoms of medical conditions through the use of the term “medical home” will not support the primary goal of the Affordable Care Act. Altering the language to “well-being heart” more correctly supports a shifting paradigm toward better health for a reasonable cost by supporting early “well-being” evaluation in the “heart” of coordinate care.

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