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KonanLink File Search: iOS App for Freelancer’s Dream

Biggest Challenge for Freelancers is Alleviated with KonanLink App

The workforce is shifting, with many full-timers taking their skills to the freelance economy. The trend is only going to continue, with estimates that by 2020 more than 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees.

One of the biggest challenges for freelancers is drumming up a robust enough roster of clients. Whether freelancers build their client base through online marketplaces or word of mouth, one thing is certain: if there is a nibble on the line, they must move fast to be hired quickly. Wowing prospective clients almost always includes emailing work samples specific to the job. And as these precious inquiries may come at all hours – and often when the freelancer isn’t in front of the very device with that “must have” document – i.e., their laptop or home computer. The freelancer must be ready to send persuasive pdfs, docs, spreadsheets, images, videos, and any other file lightening-fast so that the work can speak for itself and the client is locked down.

This is where the KonanLink app comes in.

KonanLink is your very own personal search engine. Let’s call it “YOUGLE”.

With KonanLink, you can search remotely for a document, email attachment, file, or folder across ANY of your personal devices. This includes your home computer, work desktop, laptop, iPad, smartphone, and cloud service. KonanLink streamlines the workflow for freelancers who must send that crucial file to the prospective client, but may not be in front of their desired device. With KonanLink installed, the freelancer can search for the exact file they need – from any location – and retrieve the file within one second.

What was that file called again?

Say you produced a killer app proposal six months ago and it would absolutely cinch a prospective client, but you don’t remember where you saved it. Was it on your Google Drive or Dropbox? Did you email the file to yourself? Which account?

KonanLink makes locating the file you need super easy. Simply search for the file based on the content: a simple phrase or keyword within the text, a title, or attachment. And then- <drumroll> wait for it  (one second, please)… finished! The file is found and ready to send to your prospective client. That’s the shortest drumroll of your life, right?

Your Secrets Stay Secret

Your files are never copied over to any other location. They stay exactly where you put them — on your personal devices. These privacy protections guarantee you have complete control over your files and where they live.

KonanLink is the secret weapon for freelancers who find themselves on the move throughout the day, yet still need quick-access to their work samples to send to prospective clients.

Freelancers – it’s time to “lock, stock, and barrel” those jobs with KonanLink!

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