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Justin Schier, CEO of Livecube discusses the role of Mobile tech at live events

The Role of Mobile Tech at Live Events and Trade Shows

Enhance your social engagement at trade shows with your iPad and mobile devices.

iPadWiki had an informative chat with Justin Schier, CEO of Livecube, an innovative social engagement app for live events and trade shows, about the role mobile technology plays at live events.

Justin shared lots of valuable tips with us – here’s a collection of the best ones.

Next time you are attending a live event or a trade show, make sure to bring your iPad and take full advantage of its beautiful touch display to get fully engaged. You are spending your time and maybe even your hard-earned money to be there. Make the effort to get the most out of your investment and expand your network, by intelligently relying on your iPad during the different phases of the event.

Whether the event you are attending has a dedicated app or not, or you are venturing into the Wild West of social media, there’s lot more going on around you than meets the eye. Without the proper tools, you might miss out on the best ideas and connections.

Instead of being distracted during the event and checking your email inbox, use your tablet to help yourself focus on what’s happening in the moment.

Standing all the way in the back? Use your iPad as a second screen.

There’s nothing more annoying than attending an event and being unable to see the action up front. Try using your iPad or tablet as a second screen to get up close and personal with the speaker and your fellow attendees.

Have something to add? Don’t be afraid to share your ideas too.

  • Use social media to take notes and inform your followers at the same time. You’ll cement new ideas better in your mind, and you’ll have a permanent record for future reference.
  • Formulate and post ideas relevant to the different speakers and topics.
  • Freely share and post photos of the attendees, speakers and anything you find compelling. Get creative.
  • Get inspired and inspire others by following other participants, event hashtags, and by reposting your favorite takeaways.
  • It’s always fun to have back-channel conversations with other attendees about sub-topics you care about. Just be careful not to miss the speaker’s next point!

Create connections and get to know the attendees and speakers.

  • Find and meet fellow attendees in person by connecting first on social networks.
  • Take it one step further: search for posts with a keyword and the event hashtag together.
  • Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. After all, networking is the number one reason for attending trade shows and live events.
  • Use your iPad or tablet to make a short list of the people you’d like to follow up with when the event is over.

If available, absolutely scan the QR codes, participate in the challenges, and check in. You may win a prize!

  • Network with sponsors and exhibitors that interest you.
  • Find new sources of information relevant to your industry or interests.
  • Repost and favorite tweets and posts from people you find fascinating. They will notice you!
  • Some events may even have secret sessions available for attendees who are the most engaged – keep an eye out!

Don’t miss the best talks: stay up to date with the event calendar.

  • Most event apps and websites let you quickly check the schedule, bookmark sessions and find the next room.
  • Watch for important updates from organizers.
  • Learn about and follow your favorite speakers.
  • See where the fun activities are happening around you and where everybody is heading out after the event.

After all, you wouldn’t want to miss giveaways, parties, drinks and prizes, would you?

The show may be over, but your new connections can last much longer.

  • Make sure to use your iPad to subscribe to the mailing list. Give permission for other attendees to stay in touch with you.
  • Watch for follow-up emails or posts from the event organizers. They will likely publish valuable slide presentations links, videos, documents and downloads.

Don’t be a wallflower, participate!

To further discuss best mobile tech practices at live events and trade shows, contact Justin Schier at Livecube.

JUSTIN SCHIER (@justinschier) is a hybrid designer and developer with over 15 years of direct experience in the Engagement space. As the founder and CEO, he led the design and development efforts for Livecube (, an innovative, enterprise-grade gamified social web app designed for live events and trade shows. He lives in New York City.

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