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iPad Pro / iPad Plus Release Date Rumours

The iPad Pro / iPad Plus is all talk at the moment, a myth, a legend. Also, maybe even a honest to goodness Apple item being developed at this time. It’s a standout amongst the most hypothesized about and built up dream Apple results of the previous couple of years – straight up there with the Apple Watch – however not at all like Apple’s new wearable we don’t know without a doubt in the event that it even exists. Still, as we should see, there is developing confirmation to propose that an iPad Pro (or an iPad Plus, or something comparative) will dispatch, and dispatch soon.

It is believed that the iPad Pro, according to many sources, could released late this year. However due to the current development progress, the larger screen iPad may be released in 2016. This of course is just pure speculation and the release date could be anywhere between September 2015 and July 2016. iPadWiki believes Apple with release the iPad, or equivalent large screened tablet, between September and November 2015, prior to the Festive Season.

We trusted the iPad Pro may get a notice at the iPad Air 2 dispatch occasion, however no such good fortune; Apple fans were again baffled when the iPad Pro didn’t get a notice at the Apple Watch dispatch occasion (despite the fact that we had anticipated this!). It would seem that we’ll need to hold up until right on time to mid-2015 to see Apple’s wide screen iPad Pro.

iPad Comparison between iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro/Plus
iPad Comparison between iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro/Plus

iPadWiki has collated the following rumours about the larger screen iPad, which can be seen below.

Latest 12.9 inch iPad Pro / iPad Plus rumours:

  • iPad Pro to have Force Touch
  • iPad Pro won’t be released until 2016
  • The iPad Pro will have a USB (Type-C) input incorporated
  • Apple may include a stylus with the iPad Pro which would fit into the models light-weight chassis
  • iPad Pro will feature a larger screen size, up to 12.9 inches

More larger screen iPad information can be found here: iPad Pro: Apple releasing 12.9 inch tablet in late 2015

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