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How will ageing Seniors use Technology in the future

The elderly in the year 2015 feel that they stand alone everywhere, and they are so eager to receive attention and love and want to stay in contact with the outside world. Not just trapped in their house or in themselves. They want (preferably daily) telephone contact with the children and grandchildren, keep abreast of what is happening in their environment. And it would all be great if they could visually experience it. They want to get involved with the world and not be alone and forgotten. And fortunately that is possible now with the X-Tel 5000 of the phone brand X-Systems from Best in the Netherlands. Thanks to the Internet access and various apps today the elderly can interact in real time with the outside world.

The X-Tel 5000, equipped with the XL-Viewer – is a true smartphone with all the comforts of a smartphone and also with all the comforts you need when you get older; easy to use and with great characters and icons. Even for people with disabilities this phone oparates easily.

The XL-Viewer can be installed on any phone or tablet of X-Systems. It replaces as it were the standard Android settings so that documents are very large displayd, the buttons are extra large and respond to a simple touch, the color-coded large icons make it possible to easily switch between items.

With the XL-Viewer text messages are sorted by conversations. The recently used features and apps appear at the top of the list and the bookmarks of the web browser, either these are quick and easy to search through the “direct search” option on the home screen.

Additionally, the XL-Viewer has the most favorite standard features already selected on the home screen, such as telephone, SMS, Skype, Facebook, Youtube, Web Browser, Email, Photos, Camera, Weather, Calculator, and Support. In this way, the making of errors is almost reduced to zero.

XTel 5000 XLViewer – Senior SmartPhone

The XL-Viewer is made so easy and simple that there can be  fast scrolled through the “Call history”  so that everybody can call back quickly and-or send a text message, even for someone who is visually impaired.

In short, by means of the XL Viewer – in combination with an X-Tel or X-Tab – the world of the elderly and / disabled is getting larger and livelier. The loneliness dissipates.

More information and pricing is available at:

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