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How Property Inspection Apps is becoming more popular with technological advancements

Over the past few years, due to advances in technology, property inspection software/apps has become increasingly popular amongst property inspectors. If you are a property inspector and are still using a paper-based system to conduct your inspections and reports, you should strongly consider switching to a digital system.

If you are sick and tired of carrying around a bunch of messy papers, this should be reason alone to switch to property inspection software. However, there are several other compelling reasons why software is a popular choice.

Easy to use. The main reason is that it will make your life so much easier! Property inspection software can be downloaded as an app onto your phone or tablet, meaning you can literally conduct your entire inspection using your phone or tablet! How easy is that? Not only will this save you loads of time having type everything up later on, you won’t have to carry a separate camera with you or have to upload the photos to your computer when you get back to the office. Property inspection software has the handy feature of allowing you to take pictures with your phone and upload those photos directly to the report!

Professional reports. When using this method, you will appear much more professional to your clients as your reports will look streamlined and smart. They will also be ready in next to no time as they can be printed as soon as you have completed them from your device.

Simple invoicing. Another fantastic feature of property inspection software is that most come with a report and an invoice in one package, which means you will be able to invoice your client as soon as you have generated your report. This saves you even more time and money in the long run.

What’s more, most property inspection apps are continuously improving and upgrading their features and software and you will always be informed accordingly and thus not left behind technologically.

It is not surprising that property inspection software is becoming increasingly popular – don’t get left behind!

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