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How Does Your iPad Control A Drone

How Does Your iPad Control A Drone?

Adam Striven, iPadWiki author, spend some time to investigate how your iPad controls your drone! Currently there are four ways your iPad controls your drone, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infra-red. Additionally, drones can also b e controlled using radio frequencies, however, these drones are generally very expensive and can have a range up to 30 miles.

How Does Your iPad Control A Drone?


Most drones have a 2.4GHz band receiver (e.g. the DJI Vision or Parrot AR) on-board which can connect to your iPad. Drones comes with an internal router, which creates a Wi-Fi network that you can connect to via any Wi-Fi capable device and relays two way communication between tablet/smartphone and drone. Some drones have a one mile range using Wi-Fi.


Most low market of cheaper drones and to helicopters use Bluetooth. Bluetooth enabled drones only have a max range of about 30 ft.


Some drones use Infra-red signals to be controlled by iPads. The drone has an on-board infra-red transmitter that is sometime plugged into the headphone jack. Infra-red enabled drones only have a max range of about 100 ft.


Some drones employee a radio system that can communicate with iPads/tablets or smartphones to receive information via radio signals. Radio enabled drones only have a max range of about 30 miles, but a generally super expensive.

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