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Freebie websites I know, I know. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then you don’t give them a second glance…nothing in this life is free right? What are they getting out of it? At some point once I’ve been sucked in the inevitable ‘fill in your credit card details’ box is going to pop up out of NOWHERE. Not so with these guys, this website genuinely just wants to help! Admittedly, most of the software they have on offer is free wherever you search for it, but what they are offering is not only the free downloads, but also review’s the best choices and they EVEN have a section on how to avoid internet scams! What’s not to like! I wanted to know more…and look what I found! There is a daily giveaway section, which keeps the user on the pulse of new software on the market so that your trusty computer is cooking on full cylinders.

They also invite users of the site to come back and review the software they have downloaded so that newbies can figure out which best suits their hard drive of choice. Plus, you know, madly enthusiastic computer folk can chat for hours here I’m sure on the joys of antivirus protection in the comments section.

Which leads me nicely into the complete zone of its own on the site dedicated to Antivirus Software Giveaways. The mind boggles on what can go wrong if you don’t download one of these babies tout-suite (my palms starting sweating at the thought of my fella at home without an antivirus to his name…*shudder*). Further research done, and it seems you have to be very careful of cracked software in the freebie game, by cracked they mean software that has been pirated in some way thus resulting in serious problems if you install this version for your antivirus protection. What promise to do is erase this issue completely from your concerned head and will only provide the original safe as houses version. These guys are great, right? They’re also pretty resolute about one major selling point, that being: whatever you access through their site is both licensed and protected software, PHEW!

So look, in a nutshell, this is what I reckon the deal is, and bear in mind I am a regular laptop user like you, not a internet genius. Instead of trawling through websites after putting in a Google search for something needed for your hard drive, this is your one stop shop. AND, as you never know what you’re going to get through your googling, this site guarantees the safety and happy life for both you and your BFF. However, because in all relationships you got to be prepared to take the good with the bad, if pressed I would say some of their terminology is a bit zyborg for people like me to get our heads around, so to make the site a universal freebie extravaganza, I would simplify it a little. But, that’s just a little thing. Log on and get downloading!

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