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How to find your lost phone with cell tracking

So you just lost your phone along with lots of intricate work details. It was in your backpack or pocket a minute ago, but now you can’t tell how or where it went. No need to worry, today there are plenty of ways to get hold of a missing phone. If it is a tablet or smartphone running Android or iOS systems, the chances are that it already has the program required to hunt it down. We will discuss how to find your phone including the conventional way in case you still own the flip phones.

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Finding a lost Android Smartphone

Luckily, Android has Google own service for remotely managing and finding your device as well as third party apps in the smartphones. The quickest way to find a lost Android device is through the use of built-in Android Device Manager via Google Play services. A lot of Android versions 2.2 should have this feature. Additionally, the feature is available automatically in the event of misplacing or losing your smartphone even when it has not been configured ahead of time. Wi-Fi or GPS connection is required when hunting the phone down.

Third party apps are installed to help you find your phone. However, they need additional features like the granular control that enables the user to track his device, obtain screenshots of device activities and other detailed features not found in Android Device Manager App.

Finding a lost iPhone

The best way to get your iPhone back is through the Find My iPhone feature on Apple. It is an app that displays the missing device on a map so that the user can quickly identify its location. Note a computer or iPhone fitted with the app is required to deploy this feature as well internet or Wi-Fi connection. You only need to log on to iCloud and find the app (Find My iPhone). The app should find the location of your phone on a map giving the options to send a message, delete the content of the iPhone or play a sound. Note that all these additional features do not need extra configurations. The app is also compatible with iPads, iPods and Mac devices.

Finding a Windows Phone

With Microsoft’s built-in feature on Windows Phone 8.1 or later you can find a lost phone. The feature enables the user to determine quickly the location of the phone and set off its ringer without the need for extra configurations. You just need to visit Microsoft’s device page and view your phone’s location. Additionally, a user can remotely lock devices that may have fallen into wrong hands.

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