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Latest Fashion Watches from Watchesaholic


Watchesaholic is an online watch retailer that offers huge discounts on fashionable watches. They stock popular watch brands such as G-Shock to more expense timepieces like Armani and Hugo Boss. Huge savings can be found on the Watchaholic website, whereby savings of up to US$450 can be seen!! Quality watches since 1986. Watchesaholic was ...

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BOBOs EYE REVIEW – Control Infrared devices from smartphone/tablet

iPadWiki’s author Adam Striven recently had a chance to review a brand new product offered by Bobo called Eye. The Eye is a brand new device that can attach to any smartphone and can be used to control any of your Infrared electronics from the palm of your hand. These devices ...

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How Does Your iPad Control A Drone?

How Does Your iPad Control A Drone

Adam Striven, iPadWiki author, spend some time to investigate how your iPad controls your drone! Currently there are four ways your iPad controls your drone, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infra-red. Additionally, drones can also b e controlled using radio frequencies, however, these drones are generally very expensive and can have a ...

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Disrupting the Professional Service Industry – Sercle Review

The new normal disruption for the past two to three years has been on-demand services such as Uber, Lyft, , Google Express, Amazon Prime Now, Doordash, etc. just to name a few. Everything has been great aggregating on-demand services with using peer-to-peer contracted individuals from your local community. However, the ...

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Just like Edward Snowden: Communicate securely

asyric secure communication

An ever-growing number of intensive discussions conducted these days analyze whether mobile communication is still a private or rather a public matter. It is no surprise mobile content is easily accessible to third party monitoring, therefore applications preventing such unsolicited behavior are the ideal solution. Eavesdropping and communication monitoring is ...

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iPhone Mend Review – iPhone and iPad Repair Service

iphone mend repair service review

Adam Striven, iPadWiki author, has a chance to review the iPhone and iPad repair service, iPhone Mend. iPhone Mend is a service that offers to fix all models of Apple iPhones, iPads and Andriod devices. iPhone Mend know how important your device are to you and take impeccable care of ...

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Why it’s time to get serious about two-step verification


This day and age, with more and more people using mobile devices, it is getting increasingly more easier for hackers and scammers to siphon your personal information and funds. One company at the forefront of security technology is Apico. Apico are pioneering the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) security interface and providing ...

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What is Smart Home Automation – Designer Homes Perth

smart home automation Designer Homes Perth

In the luxury home market, there is an ever increasing pressure to use the latest technology to improve not only the standard of living, but to give home owners more time in the day. One technology that is evolving rapidly to allow this is the use of smart home automation. What is ...

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How Secure & Private Is Your iPad ? Use a VPN

best ipad VPN reviews

In this day an age, with the presence of endless scams, malware and computer viruses, it is getting increasingly difficult to find a single person who hasn’t been affected by some sort of online security or privacy issue. With the emerging and rapidly growing cyber ‘hacktivist’ communities from eastern Europe and Asia, ...

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6 Essential Ecommerce Tools for 2016

e-commerce tools 2016

E-Commerce is currently growing at the fastest possible pace, and each new fiscal year brings 17% more sales. In 2013 overall global sales amounted in $1.3 trillion and for 2016 experts predict more than $1.9 trillion only in B2C field. Such tough competition requires intuitive tech solutions when it comes ...

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