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Adam Striven

Hi internet. My name is Adam Striven and I am the founder of I am a loving father, engineer and entrepreneur. Drop me a line if you want to have a chat!

Draco Trouble Now Available on iOS Colorful, adventure game take players on adventure to help Draco save his beloved Dracolina

JANUARY, 2016 – Draco Trouble is now available on iOS and offers players a colorful, fun adventure. The all-new, ad-free game is available through the Apple iTunes store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Players transform into Draco the dragon and go on an adventure to find ...

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The Top Translation Software Companies

There are numerous companies out there that provide quality translation software. One of the best companies that provides these services is Babylon. Established in 1997, the Babylon caters to both individuals and corporations alike. Babylon is the winner of numerous awards, including a Guinness World Records certificate for the most downloads of ...

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How Secure & Private Is Your iPad ? Use a VPN

best ipad VPN reviews

In this day an age, with the presence of endless scams, malware and computer viruses, it is getting increasingly difficult to find a single person who hasn’t been affected by some sort of online security or privacy issue. With the emerging and rapidly growing cyber ‘hacktivist’ communities from eastern Europe and Asia, ...

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NewsInn – iPad App Review

newsinn ipad app review

NewsInn is an Artificial Intelligence Driven Algorithm that processes and conglomerates news from major news publications. It uses an opinion extraction algorithm to do a sentiment analysis on every news article. Around 20 Major News Publications are used as source, scanned every half hour, and content is extracted from them. ...

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Popcorn Time iPad Review

popcorn time ipad review

Adam Striven from had a chance to review one of fastest growing iPad apps, Popcorn Time. The Popcorn Time app for iPad offers free direct TV shows and movie streaming. Currently, Popcorn Time is available on all iPad devices (iPad Mini, iPad and iPad Pro) from iOS 7.0 and ...

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6 Essential Ecommerce Tools for 2016

e-commerce tools 2016

E-Commerce is currently growing at the fastest possible pace, and each new fiscal year brings 17% more sales. In 2013 overall global sales amounted in $1.3 trillion and for 2016 experts predict more than $1.9 trillion only in B2C field. Such tough competition requires intuitive tech solutions when it comes ...

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Lightning to USB Cable (3ft) for iPhones, iPads and iPods

cheap apple lightning cable for iphone ipad ipod

iPadWiki’s chief author, Adam Striven, had a opportunity to test out’s ‘Lightning to USB Cable (3ft) for iPhones, iPads and iPods‘. This article describes the product received from Tiktoktikk and experiences seen during purchase, delivery and testing. I purchased the lightning cable from Tiktoktikk on the 4/12/15 for US$1.99. The delivery time ...

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Google Translate – App Review

google translate app review ipadwiki

As a professional translator, I don’t really trust automated translation machines to do my translating for me, because they are often just blatantly wrong or they do not capture the minute complexities and nuances of the language which have to be taken into account to ensure a quality translation. So ...

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What Will The Apple iPhone 7 Look Like?

apple iphone 7 rumours model prototype

Apple is supposedly trialing no less than five distinct models of the iPhone 7, with varieties including a littler telephone, discarding the Lightning port and double cameras to support picture nature of cell phone snaps. While old bits of gossip reemerged yesterday of Apple’s arrangement to jettison the earphone jack, ...

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Teeny Office Travel Agency CRM software and much much more!

Teeny Office Travel Agency CRM-Customer Relationship Management software designed by travel agents for travel agents. San Francisco Teeny Office now outranks all competitors in reviews. With beautiful invoicing, Streamlined work flow. The simple point and click process makes managing your database, invoicing, promotions and quotes easier, quicker and unlike any ...

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