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Adam Striven

Hi internet. My name is Adam Striven and I am the founder of I am a loving father, engineer and entrepreneur. Drop me a line if you want to have a chat!

How Does Your iPad Control A Drone?

How Does Your iPad Control A Drone

Adam Striven, iPadWiki author, spend some time to investigate how your iPad controls your drone! Currently there are four ways your iPad controls your drone, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infra-red. Additionally, drones can also b e controlled using radio frequencies, however, these drones are generally very expensive and can have a ...

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Strategies on How to Popularize Your Food Business

Strategies on How to Popularize Your Food Business

Not all of us who are interested to start a food business are well inculcated with knowledge about the said industry. Some of us do not even have formal education when it comes to cooking and management strategies that should be used in order to make the business work. Passion ...

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Disrupting the Professional Service Industry – Sercle Review

The new normal disruption for the past two to three years has been on-demand services such as Uber, Lyft, , Google Express, Amazon Prime Now, Doordash, etc. just to name a few. Everything has been great aggregating on-demand services with using peer-to-peer contracted individuals from your local community. However, the ...

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Just like Edward Snowden: Communicate securely

asyric secure communication

An ever-growing number of intensive discussions conducted these days analyze whether mobile communication is still a private or rather a public matter. It is no surprise mobile content is easily accessible to third party monitoring, therefore applications preventing such unsolicited behavior are the ideal solution. Eavesdropping and communication monitoring is ...

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iPhone Mend Review – iPhone and iPad Repair Service

iphone mend repair service review

Adam Striven, iPadWiki author, has a chance to review the iPhone and iPad repair service, iPhone Mend. iPhone Mend is a service that offers to fix all models of Apple iPhones, iPads and Andriod devices. iPhone Mend know how important your device are to you and take impeccable care of ...

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Why it’s time to get serious about two-step verification


This day and age, with more and more people using mobile devices, it is getting increasingly more easier for hackers and scammers to siphon your personal information and funds. One company at the forefront of security technology is Apico. Apico are pioneering the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) security interface and providing ...

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What is Smart Home Automation – Designer Homes Perth

smart home automation Designer Homes Perth

In the luxury home market, there is an ever increasing pressure to use the latest technology to improve not only the standard of living, but to give home owners more time in the day. One technology that is evolving rapidly to allow this is the use of smart home automation. What is ...

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KonanLink File Search: iOS App for Freelancer’s Dream

KonanLink app ipad iphone

Biggest Challenge for Freelancers is Alleviated with KonanLink App The workforce is shifting, with many full-timers taking their skills to the freelance economy. The trend is only going to continue, with estimates that by 2020 more than 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees. One ...

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Learn How To Configure Your CopaHost Web Hosting

copahost web hosting

CopaHost have several institutional tutorial articles available on their website where users can learn to ‘create a mailing list with cPanel’ all the way to ‘configuring email clients on iPhone/iPad devices’. Below is the full list of CopaHost web hosting articles. About CopaHost CopaHost was founded in 2008. CopaHost offers ...

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Street Technology Experiments – THE HOODIE

Street Technology Experiments (STX) is a brand that merges fashion and technology, to deliver exciting and innovative new street wear. STX is a fully patented, drawstring earbud (“lacephone”) concept that will be released through one of the most globally worn items of clothing – THE HOODIE. Specifically designed to seamlessly ...

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