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Adam Striven

Hi internet. My name is Adam Striven and I am the founder of I am a loving father, engineer and entrepreneur. Drop me a line if you want to have a chat!

How To Lock iPad Screen Rotation

A standout amongst the most irritating things when utilizing the iPad is the point at which the screen turns without anyone else inquiring. This is normally the situation when I’m lying sideways on my bed or couch attempting to view an online article from either daily paper, websites, games or ...

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Top 5 Tips To Improve iPad WiFi Signal

When I purchased the WiFi-empowered iPad I realized that I may miss having the capacity to unite over the 3G system. What I didn’t expect was not having the capacity to unite over WiFi! Tragically, I’m not the only one with my WiFi issues. Numerous iPad proprietors are reporting issues ...

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iPad Pro / iPad Plus Release Date Rumours

apple ipad pro ipad plus mock-up

The iPad Pro / iPad Plus is all talk at the moment, a myth, a legend. Also, maybe even a honest to goodness Apple item being developed at this time. It’s a standout amongst the most hypothesized about and built up dream Apple results of the previous couple of years ...

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Top iPad Apps of 2015

This has been one more year of prominent breakthroughs for the iPad – 225 million iPads sold, more than 650,000 iPad applications in the App Store, and a leap forward new organization in the middle of Apple and IBM to create undertaking applications – just to give some examples. iPad ...

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iPad Battery Life: 5 Tips To Boost iPad Battery Life

Expected battery life has dependably been a standout amongst the most vital components for purchasers when they choosing what cell phones to purchase. Truly, iPad’s have constantly exceeded expectations in this classification. Notwithstanding, we frequently need and/or request all the more out of our iPad’s then they eventually can deliver–at ...

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The iPad Pro with 12.9 inch Screen Is Almost HERE!

Keep in mind that the gigantic, 12.9-inch iPad that intellectuals were slamming into about a year ago, the particular item that should supplement the MacBook Air? Well despite everything they’re slamming on and on about it, there is evidence that the iPad Pro is advancing. IHS Technology expert Rhoda Alexander has caught up with The ...

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The 5 Best iPad Music Apps To Use

The iPad is an incredible amusement gadget, but at the same time its an awesome instrument for a wide range of callings. Here are the five best iPad music applications that merit looking at according to the iPadWiki. Whether you consider music important or regard it as an approach to ...

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iPad Apps Review: Hardest Quiz Ever by Buzido

iPadwiki had the chance to review a top selling iPad application developed by the Buzido team, titled ‘Hardest Quiz Ever!’ . The Hardest Quiz Ever application is a collection of 20 extremely difficult common knowledge, mathematics and trivia questions! The initial feel of the game is quite simple, whereby the ...

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iPad Mini 4: Apple to release new iPad Mini in October?

Will an iPad Mini 4 turn out this October? Indeed, there is an enormous chance that it would and ideally it will be a ton better than the iPad Mini 3, something which has neglected to catch the commendations of Apple devotees. Word around is that if at any point ...

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iPad Pro: Apple releasing 12.9 inch tablet in late 2015


There are rumors going around that Apple will release a 12.9 inch tablet in late 2015. About the iPad Pro The Apple iPad Pro is rumored to be an larger screen to that of the iPad Air. The screen will measure in at 12 inches. It is believed that the iPad ...

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