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Are iPad and Tablets replacing laptops

Are iPad and Tablets replacing laptops?

More and more professionals with mobile work environment are ditching their laptops in favor of their tablets and iPads. This trend has been fueled by an impressive development of business apps that facilitate managing a business, from all aspects of accounting to team building and content creation.

Here is a list of app of most useful on the day-to-day management that I use regularly to run my business. Most of the following will also work fine on your desktop but are so responsive on your iPad, tablets, and smartphones that they have make lugging your laptop around obsolete.

GDrive from Google is great for the ease of access to all stored and shared documents. You can download GDrive on the App Store or the Play Store.

Hancom Office for the Android user is a lifesaver. It comes with a word processor program (Hanword), a spreadsheet program (Hancell), and a presentation program (Hanshow). In addition to opening, editing, and saving MS Office documents, it also supports standard ODF files. My favorite function is its quick and easy conversion to the PDF file format. It also comes with templates and storage space for your documents.

CamScanner digitizes all documents on the go and so much more. CamScanner is a great tool for document management on all devices. It accurately captures information on all types of materials, stores, readily shares with the team for further annotating and management. I have used it to store and share legal documents, maps, and medical files. It also offers OCR for editing documents and for highly sensitive files, the option of password protections. (

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader is not only great at scanning your cards but can be used as a CRM tool. If you are like me, you attend a dazzling amount of networking functions and find yourself with a pile of business cards at the bottom of your Timbuk2 bag, which is where ScanBizCards is useful. Dig out the business cards, lay them down on a plain surface and snap/scan. Not only will it create accurate contacts in your address book but you can also use it to export contacts to manage them easily beyond your personal use, as a CRM tool. Your contacts can be exported to Excel (.CSV), to SalesForce, to SugarCRM, and to

PDFPen for iPad is a must when I need to manipulate a PDF and make changes to the file. It allows you to grab your signature while you are mobile.

DocuSign for digital signature delivers an ingenuous and secure way to sign electronically documents and collect signatures from others. I use it in conjunction with CamScanner. (‎

Paymo for project management and invoicing. There are many apps available to track your time and invoice clients, but I appreciate how Paymo makes managing multiple clients a smooth process. It smoothly bundles Task Management, Time Tracking with Invoicing tools, which is great for contractors and small business. (

Expensify for expense reporting had in mind people who travel a lot for business or business entertaining when it was developed. It streamlines the process to record expenses to be reimbursed or track. (

PayPal Mobile Payments is convenient and immensely popular, but its usage fees are excessive. I consider PayPal an evil that is so easy to use that I cannot avoid it.

Agenda Calendar by Savvy Apps is superior to most of the standard Calendar app. It conveniently syncs up with a host of online calendars and allows for quick messaging right from within the app. For iPad only at the moment.

Google Calendar is still great to use and allows you to share and access teammate’s agenda.

Skype is fabulous to videoconference with my colleagues and clients around the world. I also highly recommend that you acquire a Skype Number. I use mine for posting online on my professional sites, at the bottom of press releases and business documents that may end up online. Unfortunately, Skype is not popular with everyone and is often viewed as the app that makes long distance possible, but not a professional tool. Moreover, that is why my next recommendation comes in handy. is a great addition to my toolbox since not everyone is willing to download Skype and views it as unprofessional. proud itself in its simplicity. It is an online meeting solution, which requires no download for viewers and is very popular with remote teams.

Least but not last is Evernote. I take tons of notes. Evernote is a robust note-taking app. I love that I have the option of dictating my thoughts or to manually enter notes, snap photos, create to-do-lists and more.

Happy roaming!

Anne Howard

Anne Howard is a nomadic Tech PR entrepreneur ( and the editor of the upcoming newsmagazine to be launched November 21, 2015.

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