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e-commerce tools 2016

6 Essential Ecommerce Tools for 2016

E-Commerce is currently growing at the fastest possible pace, and each new fiscal year brings 17% more sales. In 2013 overall global sales amounted in $1.3 trillion and for 2016 experts predict more than $1.9 trillion only in B2C field. Such tough competition requires intuitive tech solutions when it comes to product presentation and marketing. That’s why in this article we decided to present some of the most popular tools for improving online store’s customer experience.

1. Webyclip – Interactive Way of Sharing Product Information

One of the main disadvantages of e-commerce platforms is that they don’t offer the thrill most shoppers experience when buying goods in brick and mortar stores. Webyclip is a tool design to resolve this issue, by customizing product pages and playing videos to website visitors during all stages of product purchase. This tool’s algorithm chooses the best videos in accordance to customer’s stage of interest. It also provides them with product information in fun and interactive way. Although Webyclip doesn’t enable customers to try out the product they are interested in, it gives them the next best thing, in the form of high resolution promotional videos.

2. Wibya – Great for Promotion of Sales and Other Special Offers

Although Wibya is not as popular as some other tools on this list, it sure comes with great promotional capabilities. Tool places a bottom tool bar in browser of every website visitor that can be customized by the website admin. This bar can be used for sharing special offers and sales information and it has huge promotional value, since it follows visitors on every product page and it can’t be deleted by ad blocker. Admins can also use this tool bar for sharing recent blog posts, social network accounts or sale’s statistics.

3. LiveChat – Enables Customers to Contact Website Admins Right Away and Resolve All Issues They Have

Customers don’t like leaving messages in product page comment section or contacting admins through regular contact forms. They love live chat because their questions are being answered right away. There are many different live chat tools, and they all come with similar characteristics. We chose LiveChat, because it comes with some intuitive features that include: chat supervision and history, chat conferences and notifications that inform admins that customers are typing their message.

4. Salesforce – Tracks All Customer Interactions

Customer Relationship Management tools are the next big thing when it comes to internet business. They help website administrators to track all customer interactions and improve customer experience in the future. Salesforce provides special editions for each industry, including e-commerce. They offer free trial, and afterwards the tool costs $25 per month.

5. Loopit – Enables Customers to Ask Their Friends for an Opinion about a Product

Most people like to ask their friends before they buy certain product. Loopit developers realized that, and created ingenious tool that enables customers to make the decisions they won’t regret later. After their friends verify their decision (and most people do that), they will be even more determined to buy the product. More confident customers mean higher sales and revenue.

6. Unbxd – Gives Great Suggestion to Visitors

Good e-commerce website is the one that provides product suggestions to its visitors and fulfills all of their personal needs. Unbxd comes with specialized algorithm that chooses featured products depending on their price, design, brand, popularity and previous website interactions of each customer. It can drastically increase website purchases and makes customers to come back and see more smart suggestions.

These are just some of the tools that can improve online sales. E-Commerce business revenue doesn’t only depend on additional tools websites use, but also on their core elements that include: reliable e-commerce payment getaway, intuitive check-out page design, good website navigation, well-designed appearance and 24/7 customer support.

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